Fisher indicator MT4 No-Repaint FREE download


The fisher indicator mt4 no repaint has a feature to tell the trend “Trend” of the stock we are interested in. If Trend Up the bar will stab blue, if Trend Down the bar will stab red.


Indicator “Fisher” to use is quite simple. The results are quite accurate. But using just one may not be 100% safe in a swing, but it’s a small swing. Some of which we go in may not be worth it. So to see the strength of the trend consists of Therefore, it was necessary to use another unit, and the result was quite satisfactory when used with the others.

It is recommended to use with two other indicators, CCI and Stochastic.

Recommended settings

  • For Stoch, set the following %K period: 6, MA method: Simple. Put the Level 50 line on it.
  • For CCI, set the values ​​as follows: Period: 20, Apply to: Typical Price (HLC/3) Add lines Level 75 and -75.

Time frame: M5 or higher
Currency pairs: All

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